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The Environment Group

Convenor: Geoff Howland email

The Environment Group tackles a broad range of environmental matters and arranges, on a regular basis, litterpicks, graffiti removal and re-cycling site clean ups. These supplement, but do not replace, the work undertaken by the Council and are undertaken in close liaison with the Council.

In addition to the clean ups, the Cedars Road, Elmfield Avenue and Tesco car park re-cycling sites are regularly monitored and any problems such as illegal dumping, overfull bins etc are reported to the Council for remedial action, as is illegal dumping, or other matters of environmental concern, wherever and whenever spotted.

November clean up

It also monitors facilities provided under the Community Toilet Scheme and reports problems and/or difficulties to the Council and/or provider.

The group takes an interest in some broader environmental matters of direct consequence to Teddington, such as the eco aspects of the proposed Teddington and Ham Hydro, and to this end maintains contact/liaison with various environmentally concerned groups and organisations.

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