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A NEWSLETTER, Tidings, is prepared and distributed quarterly to members of the Society, giving reports from the groups, news items of local interest (historical and current) and details of local events.

Reminders about events may sometimes be emailed to members who have supplied us with an email address.

Some news about Teddington Society activities and events will be posted on this website. email any news items relevant to Teddington.

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  • For those of you that don’t know, our Corporate Member, Elleray Hall is situated at the end of Elleray Road from Broad Street. It provides services for members, with emphasis on helping the elderly. It’s somewhere they can go for a hot meal, companionship, or they can join in the many activities on offer. They have great need of a Trustee to act as their treasurer. This is a voluntary position and you can find out more by going to

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  • Andrew Robinson, Lensbury’s contact at the Environment Agency regarding the work being done at Teddington Weir, has reported that one of the ‘winding mechanisms’ that raises and lowers the roller gates on the Weir has broken and the gate closest to the Lensbury is stuck in a semi-up position, behind the dam. The mechanism will be replaced next Spring/Summer.

    In the meantime, the EA’s contractors will construct a temporary solution to the problem. A large steel frame will be built over the Weir gate structure allowing the EA to raise and lower the broken gate. The frame is expected to be built and operational by the end of November and will be dismantled next Spring once the permanent solution is in place.

    If you notice any suspicious activity, possible theft or vandalism, on or around the Weir work site please let Andrew Robinson know on 07747 006 795.

  • PRESS RELEASE 11th August 2016

    Following the Court of Appeal’s judgement today in “Lensbury Ltd and London Borough of Richmond”, The Lensbury has issued the following statement.

    “Lensbury remains supportive of renewable energy technologies, including an appropriate hydro-electric power development at Teddington Weir. However, it is crucial for such developments to be properly assessed, to ensure that everyone is clear on the impacts, benefits and suitability of the development proposals.

    “We are pleased that the Court of Appeal upheld Lensbury’s concerns and acknowledged that the local planning authority failed to properly assess the scheme against relevant policies. In particular, the Court of Appeal agreed that the local planning authority failed to acknowledge that the scheme was “inappropriate development” under its policies and that there were no exceptional circumstances considered to justify the grant of planning permission. This assessment is a crucial part of the planning process to ensure only appropriate developments, in the most suitable locations, are approved.

    “Lensbury will continue to co-operate with Richmond Council and the hydro project’s developer to ensure an appropriate scheme can be progressed.”

    Editor’s note:
    The Lensbury, founded in 1919, is situated on 25 acres of grounds on the banks of the River Thames at Teddington Weir. It is a premium leisure club with a four star hotel and conference centre. The Lensbury has won many awards including Best Corporate Social Responsibility (Richmond Chamber of Commerce), AIM Gold (Meetings Industry Association) and Safe Hotel Award UK (International Property and Travel).

    For further press information:
    Maugie Lyons 0208 614 6454. Maugie.Lyons@lensbury.com

    Full Judgement here Lensbury Judgement

  • New Trees
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  • A short video to show ideas that were discussed at the Teddington Village meeting at the Landmark Arts Centre on Monday 12th October 2015. All residents will have further consultation opportunities from the LBRUT council. See the council website for more information.

  • This year’s Teddington in Flower took place on Sunday 14 June, and was, as usual, a huge success. There are a few photos in the photo gallery

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