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Future events

• The Teddington Society’s good-time party!

• The Teddington Society’s good-time party!

“It’s not often that one can say ‘a good time was had by all’ and mean it – but I truly think that everyone who came to our new year party this year really did have a good time and thoroughly enjoyed their evening.”

So said Sheena Harold, our chairman, looking back at the party in the parish hall – and it would be hard to disagree. This year’s event involved a fiendish quiz, prizes galore, wine and other liquids in full flow, tables groaning with plenteous food, plus laughter and happy conversation from the 70 or so members who came along to enjoy themselves.

The annual party now is a well-established event in the Teddington social calendar, and is a hospitable way for the Society and its executive committee to thank its members for their much appreciated support.

“It wasn’t a nice night so far as the weather was concerned,” Sheena added, “but the happy atmosphere indoors more than made up for it. Loads of prizes for the quite testing Christmas quiz helped too, including a magnificent contribution of chocolate from The Lensbury. Everyone was happy!”

Warmest thanks go to everyone who organised the party and made it happen, especially Sally and Geoff Howland, always the Society’s supreme stalwarts. Thanks also to Diana Macdonald for creating a testing and teasing topical quiz, which exercised the grey cells of a fair few members present!

You can see a selection of photos from the evening here

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