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Hello! I’m Sheena Harold, Chairman, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Teddington Society. Do please explore our website and let us know what you think – feedback is important to us, and always welcome.

Future events

• At last – some good news for the Landmark!

• At last – some good news for the Landmark!

As the coronavirus crisis continues unabated, at last there’s some good news for the beleaguered Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington – a government grant of £125,000.

The funds come from the Cultural Recovery Fund, which aims to support organisations so that they can balance their books and stay viable until the end of March.

“This means that, with no end in sight for the return of normality, we are now able to plan with greater certainty what we can offer our community over the next five months” said Lesley Bossine, the Landmark’s manager. “The grant will contribute towards our running costs, including keeping our small staff team intact. But it’s a temporary reprieve – what happens after April we will address nearer the time, although we’re realistic enough to know that in all likelihood we’ll need to continue to raise money.”

Lesley again paid tribute to more than a thousand people who together have so far donated more than £70,000 to the Save The Landmark Appeal. “Without your support” she declared, “we simply wouldn’t have made it this far.”

The Landmark is now planning events for the run-up to Christmas, including a week of mixed live performances and the Landmark Festive Emporium arts and crafts experience. It’s hoped to organise more events, together with the ever-popular courses and workshops, next year.
However, under present social distancing regulations, live performances remain difficult, with a 329-seating capacity reduced to 70.

If you are able to donate to the Save The Landmark fundraising campaign, please go to www.landmarkartscentre.org

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