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I’m Sheena Harold, Chairman. Welcome to the Teddington Society. Do please explore our website and let us know what you think – feedback is important to us, and always welcome.

Future events

• Teddington & The Hamptons Rotary Club Christmas Appeal – please donate!

• Teddington & The Hamptons Rotary Club Christmas Appeal – please donate!

This is the time of year when many of us look forward to seeing Father Christmas and his Christmas sleigh – ably accompanied by Rotarians from Teddington and the Hamptons – visiting our streets during the annual festive fundraising appeal.

But, sadly, not this year. Covid-19 restrictions mean that the Rotarians are unable to tour the town, raising money for charities and good causes.

“Our Christmas appeal helps us raise the funds we need to support local charities and community projects throughout the year” explained John Wilson, secretary of the local Club. “Having put our fund to good use this year we’re desperate to top it up so we can carry on helping out.”

Throughout the pandemic, local Rotarians have supported critical projects such as food banks and essential deliveries via Crossroads Care and RUILS, as well as giving hope to stranded students via the Kingston University hardship fund. They have also helped to provide a relaxing space for overworked medical staff at Teddington Memorial Hospital.

“So, as we can’t collect door to door this year, we’re asking for donations online, please, so we can continue our charitable work,” John added.

If you would like to donate to this outstanding cause, please go to Rotary Club’s Just Giving page

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We campaign on issues affecting Teddington and we support initiatives of benefit. Do join us and make your opinion known – the more members we have, the stronger we become!