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I’m Sheena Harold, Chairman. Welcome to the Teddington Society. Do please explore our website and let us know what you think – feedback is important to us, and always welcome.

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• Suki’s canny idea leads to unique miniature art

• Suki’s canny idea leads to unique miniature art

One of Suki's miniatures - Sandy's fishmonger in Twickenham

Now here’s a question. Once you’ve consumed the contents, what do you do with that empty sardine or anchovy tin? Rinse and recycle, probably.

It’s what Suki Hubbard, Teddington-based illustrator and graphic designer, does as well. Except her recycling is rather different from ours: she gives the cans a completely new lease of life by ‘upcycling’ them into intricate and highly desirable works of art, each one different from the other. And the results are delightful.

“I first got the idea of using the tins when I was on holiday in Croatia” she recalled when we met in her studio, “and it occurred to me that their shape was perfect for house portraits and pictures of buildings.”

She’s now made dozens of montages, mostly for sale (prices start at around £25) but some specially commissioned. Many local buildings feature in her portfolio: the Teddington Cheese, for example; the Fallow Deer; Bushy Park gates; and, in Twickenham, Sandys fishmonger and the Barmy Arms.

Each tin takes around three hours to construct, and even the original ring pull is converted into a wall hook. Then comes the watercolour background on artists paper, which is cut out and carefully inserted into the tin. That’s followed by two or three further layers, painted in meticulous detail, which together create a beautiful three-dimensional diorama effect.

“It’s time-consuming and very fiddly” Suki admits, “but buildings inspire me, and doing this kind of miniature art work keeps life interesting and varied. I’m always drawing, and this is an entirely different level of creativity for me.”

That creativity comes in bucket loads. You want a new website? She’ll design it. A new logo, such as that for Teddington’s annual Pram Race? Look no further. And what about the back catalogue? Ah, now you’re talking…

Over the years Suki has worked on hand-drawn animation for household-name commercials that include Tony the Tiger, Tetley tea bags and Ribena. She’s designed animated logos in five languages for a series of films, and has worked on family favourites such as The World of Peter Rabbit and Friends. But, more than anything perhaps, her credited work as a background artist on the film Bob’s Birthday contributed to the team’s winning an Oscar, no less, for Best Animated Short Film. Quite rightly, that achievement gives her particular pleasure.

Suki, who’s married with three children, has lived in Teddington for 22 years. “The architecture here is so rich and varied, I never have to go far for ideas and inspiration” she says. Long may it stay that way.

• For more examples of Suki’s unique work including dioramas, a range of greeting cards, gift tags and limited edition prints, visit her website:visit her website

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