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Life-saving difibrillator installed at Teddington's Elleray Hall

Life-saving difibrillator installed at Teddington's Elleray Hall

Teddington Society's Brian Holder presents Gillian Williams, Elleray Hall Centre Manager, with a defibrillator

Thanks to the Teddington Society, users of the Elleray Hall Social Centre now have a life-saving defibrillator onsite.

The Society, which has a long association with the Hall, bought and presented the equipment, which is compact and fully transportable.

“We are most grateful to The Teddington Society for funding this piece of life-saving equipment, which is now installed in the main hall,” said Gillian Williams, the centre manager. “Although we sincerely hope we never have occasion to use the defibrillator, it’s a great comfort to know that it’s close to hand should the need arise for our members, hall users and the local community as a whole.”

Elleray Hall is in the centre of Teddington where people come to meet and socialise in a friendly, safe and welcoming environment. It serves a two-course lunch five days a week and organises a varied programme of activities and pastimes, including quizzes, card games, bingo, dominoes, indoor bowls, an art class, yoga, gentle exercise, live entertainment, and singing. The hall is also used by outside groups and individuals from the Teddington community. It has been part of Teddington’s life since 1974.

Sheena Harold, Chairman of the Teddington Society, remarked, “We are more than happy to provide Elleray Hall with a defibrillator. We know the hall well and use it occasionally for talks, meetings and our AGM. Brian Holder, our Transport expert, suggested a defibrillator there could be a life saver. Heart failure can strike anybody, although we hope it will rarely be used.”

Elleray Hall is managed by a board of volunteer trustees and is a registered charity.

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