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Hello! I’m Sheena Harold, Chairman, and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the Teddington Society. Do please explore our website and let us know what you think – feedback is important to us, and always welcome.

Future events

Roads and Transport Group

Convenor: Brian Holder email

High st transport

The Group liaises with the Council and public transport providers to ensure that all residents and visitors, including anyone with a disability, travelling as pedestrian, cyclist, bus or train passenger, motorcyclist or driver, can travel safely through Teddington with the minimum of delay. Our activities have had a huge impact on Teddington, and a taste of some of our past achievements can be seen here.

We aim to ensure that Council officers consult us whenever transport plans or parking schemes which affect Teddington are proposed, and we seek to ensure that the councillors and officers are aware of our safety, transport and parking policies. Where appropriate, we will formally advise them of the Society’s views and/or recommendations during consultations over specific issues.

Current policies

As well as consulting residents directly affected by any particular proposed scheme or change, the Group’s long-standing policies are based on two officially sponsored Reports:

1. The Teddington Town Centre Improvements Study – Residents’ Parking Report (which touches on many linked issues)
2. The Borough’s Discussion Document on principles of public consultation, and development and design of transport schemes.
Transport Consultative Group Forum

Members can make their views known to the Group by emailing Brian Holder, and you can keep up to date by joining his consultation and information circulation list. See also the Roads and Transport news .

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Why join?

We campaign on issues affecting Teddington and we support initiatives of benefit. Do join us and make your opinion known – the more members we have, the stronger we become!