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• Take a walk round Teddington – with a fresh pair of eyes

• Take a walk round Teddington – with a fresh pair of eyes

The Library in Waldegrave Road – one of Teddington's architectural delights

Teddington is the place we all love, and love to live in – but how much do we really know about its history and its hidden gems?

You can now find out, thanks to the first in a new series of guided walks round the town, which we’re publishing as a free download.

Our first walk begins at the parish church of St Mary with St Alban, and takes us along the high street and across to the railway station and back, pointing out interesting and surprising features and facts on the way.

It’s been put together by Jenny Michell, our Membership Secretary, who’s a keen walker and cyclist herself. “It’s not a walk that has to be completed in one go” she says. “It can be done in stages, entirely at your own pace. Its main purpose is to point out Teddington’s features of interest, so that the walker gets even more pleasure from the town we all love.”

Download the walk by clicking on the red link:A Walk Round Teddington v1.9 It comes with a highlighted map, so that you can easily follow the route. We hope you enjoy it.

This is the first in a proposed series of local walks. We welcome comments, corrections and additions which we’ll incorporate as the project takes shape. Perhaps you might even like to create your own walk for others to enjoy! Do let us know – simply email members@teddingtonsociety.org.uk

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