Lock Houses, Teddington Lock

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Lock Houses 1&2
Lock Houses 1&2
Lock House 3
Lock House Office
Lock House 1906
Lock House c 1890

Road: Lock Houses, Teddington Lock

Property: Lock Houses

The very first lock at Teddington was built in 1810 and was made of timber; this quickly became delapidated and was replaced in 1856/7 with the Launch lock that one sees today. In 1904 the Barge lock was added making Teddington Locks the largest lock system on the non-tidal River Thames. Everything about Teddington Locks is big; there is the largest weir on the Thames with 20 electrically operated gates capable of letting 12 billion gallons of water through a day at peak flow. The Barge Lock is also the largest at 650 feet long, holding 1.75 million gallons of water. The Skiff Lock which is rarely used is sometimes referred to as the Coffin Lock, as when inside it, it is like looking out of a coffin. Teddington Locks are 14 feet above sea level.

The 3 LockHouses - 2 semi-detached & one detached - were built c 1906 for the permanent staff manning the locks. Currently they are rented out to 3rd parties.

Historic images of Teddington Lock by Henry Taunt can be found at:


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