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This page is part of the Directory of Buildings of Townscape Merit (BTMs) and Listed Buildings in Teddington assembled by the Planning and History Groups of The Teddington Society. You can view Park Road, Teddington on Google Maps.

Map Park Road

Mrs S. Colhoun contributing to The Teddington Society Survey of the 1970s observed:

"Park Road commences at the top of the railway bridge and runs in a South Easterly direction towards Bushy Park and Kingston. It is a busy main road and bus route. At the North end after the junction with Park Lane there are several large horse chestnut trees and a drinking fountain with an inscription 'Presented by 600 inhabitants of Teddington as a memento of the Jubilee of 1887'. Four of the large trees survive and 4 new trees have been planted where older trees had to be cut down. The plaque to the drinking fountain was unfortunately lost and in its place was etched in stone the former inscription together with a further etching 'Restored by the residents of Teddington as a memento of the Jubilee of 2002 and 2012.'

"Further down the road is a trough erected by the Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough Association. This is no longer used for its original purpose, but has been planted attractively for the Teddington Society. The Survey continued 'Half way down Park Road at the junction with Clarence Road, there is a stone denoting the boundary between the Parish of Teddington & the Parish of St. Mary's Hampton so that part of Park Road is not in the Teddington Parish'. This stone has, alas, disappeared.

"Park Road Conservation area No. 22 extends as far as the South side of Clarence Road opposite the St. John Ambulance Hall. The pavement on the West side of the road from the junction with Park Lane up as far as the St. John Ambulance Hall is unusually wide with a verge which used to be grassed but is now tarmaced and being tree-lined, gives this part of the road a spacious and almost rural feel. There are only houses on the East side of the road (odd numbers) after the junction with Queen's Road."

Many of the houses in this road up to no. 69 were part of the scheme laid out by the National Freehold Land Society which had purchased land in 1852. Their aim was to make it easier for working and middle class people to acquire freehold property to remove an obstacle to male enfranchisement (see also entry under Alma Cottage, no 5 Albert Road). Park Road was designated a conservation area on 10 December 1974.

Much of the detail by property comes from the research of Miss Paddy Ching. N.B. The numbers below only came into being in 1908. Dates are mostly taken from directories and census returns. Main residents shown but not generally children and servants.

The properties in this road designated by the Council on their website as Buildings of Townscape Merit are:

There are Grade II Listed Buildings in this road as follows: