Sandy Lane

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This page is part of the Directory of Buildings of Townscape Merit (BTMs) and Listed Buildings in Teddington assembled by the Planning and History Groups of The Teddington Society. You can view Sandy Lane on Google Maps.

This road runs between Park Road, Teddington and Park Road, Hampton Wick. In the 1970s Teddington Society Survey, in section written by Miss P. Ching, she stated that the boundary between Teddington and Hampton Wick was level with Bushy Park Road, and therefore did not include the buildings further down on the park side. However in 2014 the new roads and blocks of flats built on the former electricity generating station and gas works further south of Bushy Park Road are marked as being within Teddington. Almost all the houses in Sandy Lane have even numbers and are on one side of the street only as the other side is on the border of Bushy Park.

The two buildings designated as BTMs are almost opposite to the new developments and may or may not be within the borders of Teddington. (At one time the sign "Teddington" was just east of the eastern entrance to Shaef Way.)

The properties in this road designated by the Council on their website as Buildings of Townscape Merit are: