Victoria Road, Teddington

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This page is part of the Directory of Buildings of Townscape Merit (BTMs) and Listed Buildings in Teddington assembled by the Planning and History Groups of The Teddington Society. You can view Victoria Road, Teddington on Google Maps.

The initial development of the West side of the road was part of the scheme laid out by the National Freehold Land Society who had purchased land in 1852. The aim of the Society was to make it easier for working and middle class people to acquire freehold property so as to remove an obstacle to male enfranchisement.

The road lies in the Park Road Conservation Area No. 22 and runs from Adelaide Road, passes in front of the railway station, turns 30 degrees and runs down to Clarence Road. Apart from the Grade II listed station opened in 1863, only one building is shown on the 1863/64 Ordnance Survey map on the corner of Albert Road. The road is mainly residential apart from the Railway Inn and a fitness outlet (in the 1970s a tailor and a newsagent/general store stood opposite the station).

The properties in this road designated by the Council on their website as Buildings of Townscape Merit are:

There is a Grade II Listed Building in this road as follows: