Blandford Road 71-93

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71-93 Blandford Road

Road: Blandford Road

Property: 71-93

Mrs. E.D. Bromley wrote in the 1970s Teddington Society Survey (with additions from the occupier of no. 75 & other slight adjustments):

"There are two terraces of 12 modern town houses, one terrace of 8 divided by a cedar tree from the other 4. They were built in 1968 on the site of a former large house on the Hampton Road. They are brick built with glass frontages and stained and painted wood. They have 3-storeys, with recessed entrances and integrated garages on the ground floor, protruding timber bays on third floor, flat roofs, open front gardens with little gardens at the rear. The plans are not on the Local Authority's database."

75 Blandford Road

The occupier of no. 75 wrote: "I was very pleased to move to this elegant well designed town house in 2004. There are twelve houses in the row which were built in 1968. They are on the site of a former large Victorian house on the Hampton Road which had an extensive garden. A large cedar tree from the old garden was accommodated when this row was built so there is a gap between the 8th and 9th houses. They are beautifully light with the frontage incorporating a lot of glass which probably would not be permitted in new housing today. The somewhat strange protruding white box on the top floor is a stylish bathroom with a semi-sunken bath. The distinctive brickwork is yellow with a pinkish tinge and also appears on featured interior walls. Unfortunately in this house the original brick work inside has disappeared behind emulsion pain. Teak is also featured thoughout the house. The architect who designed this row lived for sometime in one of the houses and it is rumoured that out of the 12 houses 8 were occupied at one time by architects. The houses are very well proportioned and much sought after."

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