Hampton Road 72, "The Roebuck"

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"The Roebuck", 72 Hampton Road

Road: Hampton Road, Teddington

Property: 72, "The Roebuck" pub

From the 1970s Teddington Society Survey, the part compiled by Mr. John Kershaw says, after nos. 8-70, that here is a stretch of wasteland, then here is a small car park, then "Here the Teddington boundary with Hampton Hill." The wasteland etc. is now apparently fairly modern flats (nos. 70a and 70b).

The front part of the building of The Roebuck, a 2-storey building with flat ornamented roofline and diagonal doorway, as can be seen, is painted red; the further angled part seen from the side is unpainted. There is a more recent addition at the back (not easy to see from Alpha Road which runs off Hampton Road at the side of the building).

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