Manor Road

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This page is part of the Directory of Buildings of Townscape Merit (BTMs) and Listed Buildings in Teddington assembled by the Planning and History Groups of The Teddington Society. You can view Manor Road on Google Maps.

This road was laid out after the manor was sold in 1862. As its name suggests it was constructed on part of the Manor estate. The old road from Kingston to Twickenham had originally turned West at Ferry Road and then turned North along the front of St Mary's Church along Twickenham Road. Manor Road was cut through along the Eastern boundary of St Mary's churchyard, becoming a continuation of the main Kingston to Twickenham road and ran a short distance before crossing Twickenham Road where it ran Westward to Cambridge Road. In about 1970 this crossing was sealed off so that Manor Road is now in two sections (as is Twickenham Road). One short section links Kingston Road until it joins Twickenham Road. The other section, Westbound, runs between the old cut off part of Twickenham Road up to Cambridge Road. The road contains a mixture of Victorian houses, inter war developments and post 2nd World War developments, such as those built by Span and Focus 21.

"The Wharf" comes within the Borough's Conservation Area No. 27 and lie on the short section of Manor Road.

The properties in this road designated by the Council on their website as Buildings of Townscape Merit are: