Park Lane, Teddington

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This page is part of the Directory of Buildings of Townscape Merit (BTMs) and Listed Buildings in Teddington assembled by the Planning and History Groups of The Teddington Society. You can view Park Lane, Teddington on Google Maps.

From the Teddington Society 1970s Survey: "in the Enclosure Award of 1800, Park Lane is described as Almshouse Road, 20 ft. wide." It was listed under "Private Carriage Road". "It was known as Cage Lane in 1862 since, as well as the Almshouses, it had the village cage and round house." Originally it was a lane leading Southward over Teddington Common to a part of Hampton Common and a boundary stone exists near the junction with Queen's Road, this road being then part of Hampton parish.

The road now leads from Park Road down to Queen's Road and contains at the Park Road end a modern gated development, White Heron Mews, with entrance behind the Police Station, some council maisonettes (?1930s). Council flats were built in the 1970s on the site of the almshouses and opposite is Park Lane Stables which had formerly housed the horses for the Teddington fire engine. The rest of Park Lane are houses and cottages mostly of the 19th century.

The properties in this road designated by the Council on their website as Buildings of Townscape Merit are:

More information about properties in this road can be found in the Richard Steer Collection at the London Metropolitan Archives for the period 1869-1948 under reference ACC/3213/001