Station Road, "Christ Church"

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"Christ Church", Station Road

Road: Station Road, Teddington

Property: Christ Church

"A stone-faced building opened in 1869 as a Free Church of England. A tower & spire were planned but never built." TeddSoc 1975.

"The story of this goes back to the mid 19th century when Rev Daniel Trinder was vicar of Teddington (1857-1878). Trinder was a follower of high church traditions, preached his sermons in a surplice and introduced Hymns Ancient and Modern to the Church. This greatly upset a good proportion of his congregation. It is said that mud and stones were thrown at him as he walked in the street to cries of 'No popery!' This came to a head in the early 1860s when that part of the congregation broke away and founded Christ Church which allied itself to the Free Church of England. The first building was a corrugated iron hut in, appropriately enough, Church Road. In fact the road took its name from this church. It must have been a fairly uncomfortable building and especially hot in the summer months but it did not serve for long as a new church, the present building, was opened in Station Road in 1868/9. The old corrugated iron building was taken over by the Baptist Church and continued to serve as a church for many years." Written by Ken Howe 2013.

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