The Causeway 1, "Barclays Bank"

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"Barclays Bank", 1 The Causeway

Road: The Causeway

Property: 1, "Barclays Bank"

The building was probably erected in the early 1880s and was first known as the London & Provincial Bank Ltd. A file in the Guildhall Library dated 1883 reads "The bank, formerly open for 2 days a week, is now open daily. The strong room has been fitted with one of Chubb's patent fire and thief-resisting doors, as supplied to the Bank of England." (Chubb & Son Ltd. (Locksmiths & Safe Manufacturers) Collection, ref. CLC/B/002/10/01/027/0280 Guildhall Library). It is situated at the junction of Broad Street and the Causeway and was clearly meant to impress. It is now occupied by Barclays Bank Ltd. and is still an impressive building.

It was described in the Teddington Society 1970s Road Survey by Mrs. S. Colhoun as "an imposing building on 3-storeys, built of sand coloured stone, recessed doorway, decorative balconied effect above third storey. Ornate sash windows with unusual surround."

There is a planning application in the Borough's collection (Ref. PLA/01579) dated 9 September 1901 on behalf of the London & Provincial Bank for a new build from architects Bourcher & Galsworth. It is probable that this is for the 2-storey extension behind the main building constructed in similar style and materials.

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